Prusa i3 assembly tips

The assembly manual of the Prusa i3 is quite detailed and clear. Below, you can find a couple of tips based on our experience.


Most of the required tools come with the kit. You will also need a ruler (for measuring the Y-axis parts) and a sharp set of scissors (for cutting tie wraps). You can make life easier for yourself with a 5,5mm socket wrench, which makes tightening the small screws easier than using the supplied tweezers.

Y-axis assembly

It wasn’t clear to me that the marker mentioned in Step 13 has to be on top, i.e. that the bearings have to be on the opposite side. It is mentioned in step 14. I also had to move the bearings all the way to one side in order for the table to properly reach the end stop.

X-axis belt

After installation, the X-axis belt rubbed against the idler. I solved this by using a couple of the supplied washers as spacers between the X-axis motor and the motor mount, which moved the pulley away from the idler far enough for proper belt clearance.