Bakunin Observance Action Pack


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The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife is a religious organization with a proactive and belligerent attitude against ALEPH, and a key element in the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command where it forms part of the quantronic and tactical intervention teams.

This box includes 9 miniatures for the Bakunin Sectorial Army of Nomads, 5 revamped y 4 totally new.

Revamped miniatures:

1x Reverend Moira with HMG.
1x Reverend Moira with MULTI Sniper.
1x Reverend Healer Doctor with Boarding Shotgun.
1x Reverend Custodier Hacker with Combi Rifle and Pitcher.
1x Sin-Eater with MULTI Sniper.

New miniatures:

1x Orphans of the Observance Engineer.
1x Reverend Cenobite with Chain Rifle.
1x Reverend Cenobite with Heavy Rocket Launcher.
1x Penitent Observant with Red Fury (thermoplastic).

The perfect box to start playing and collecting your Bakunin army.