Haqqislam Action Pack


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Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a minor power, spread across only a single planetary system, Bourak. Haqqislam has built a culture around a humanist, scholarly version of Islam that is in constant contact with Nature and rejects all fundamentalism. Biomedical science and Terraformation are the two pillars of their development, and Haqqislam is home to the best academies of Medicine and Planetology in the Human Sphere.

This box includes ten miniatures for Haqqislam: 3 Ghulam with Rifle and Light Shotgun, 1 Khawarij with Rifle and Light Shotgun, 1 Tuareg with Sniper Rifle, 1 Zhayedan with Breaker Rifle and Light Shotgun, 1 Fasid with HMG, Grenade Launcher and Smoke Grenade Launcher, 1 Fiday with DA CC Weapon, 1 Ragik with Boarding Shotgun, and the charismatic leader Tarik Mansuri with Spitfire. A complete army list and the best product to start playing and collecting a Haqqislam force.