Invincible Army Action Pack


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The army corps known by this imposing name forms the core of the StateEmpire Army. It’s a force characterized by employing Heavy Infantry as its true and main protagonist, and the heart of its entire operational approach. The Invincible Army is comprised of a wide range of specialized Heavy Infantry units.

This box includes eleven miniatures: One Zúyŏng with Missile Launcher, one Zúyŏng with Boarding Shotgun, one Zúyŏng with Combi Rifle, one Dāoyīng with MULTI Sniper Rifle, one Liú Xīng Hacker, one Haidào with Combi Rifle, one Krit Kokram, one Húláng with Combi Rifle, one Zhēnchá with Submachine Gun, one Tai Sheng with Breaker Rifle, and one TinBot. The ideal box to start collecting and playing with the mighty Invincible Army.