Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack


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The brutal and resolute Morat Aggression Forces never withdraw and are capable of completely razing a battle field rather than losing it. Considered a plague by the rest of the universe, the Morat are the militaristic race par excellence. These aggressive and violent aliens have become the main shock force of the Combined Army, above all other species in service of the Evolved Intelligence.

This box includes 9 models, which are all of them new designs and new sculpts for the Morat army: 3 Morat Vanguard Infantry (Combi Rifle), the Morat line troopers; 1 Kaitok (Chain Rifle +2B, Flammenspeer), a heavy infantry in a servopowered armor; 1 Zerat (Hacker), an infowar specialist infiltrator; 1 Raktorak (Vulkan Shotgun), the reliable veteran NCO; 1 Rasyat (Spitfire), a paratrooper bringing death from the sky; 1 Dartok Hacker (Combi Rifle, Pitcher), the Morat cyberwarrior; 1 Kyosot (Submachine Gun), a lethal shock trooper.

This Action Pack contains all the miniatures you need to compose a Morat Army List in the Combined Army and start collecting an army of the most savage alien force in the Infinity Universe.

Box contains:

3x Morat Vanguard
1x Kaitok
1x Zerat Hacker
1x Raktorak
1x Rasyat
1x Dartok Hacker
1x Kyosot