Raptor Boarding Squad


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The Raptors are part of the Starmada Rapid Response Regiment. The unit specializes in lightning operations and immediate strike and contingency deployments. As a marine infantry unit, they can be dropped off to establish a beachhead. It is also their duty to carry out Space Interdiction/Boarding Operations and to establish the SWORDFOR Armada’s Security/Counterterrorist Control.

This box includes 4 miniatures: 1 Raptor with MULTI Rifle, 1 Raptor with Spitfire and 2 Devabots with Heavy Flamethrower. The tactical advantages that the Raptors will offer thanks to their synchronized Devabots will make the difference in your Starmada force.

Box contains:

1x Raptor (MULTI Rifle)
1x Raptor (Spitfire)
2x Devabot (Heavy Flamethrower)