Reinforcements: Ariadna Pack Alpha


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Their feats and achievements are renowned, and those who have fought side by side with them and have witnessed their bravery firsthand are so impressed that they forgive them for being so very Merovingian. They are skilled enough to turn any situation around, no matter how grim things look, so no fight is won or lost until this special reaction team arrives. The Stavka high command knows well that if L’Équipe Argent is deployed close at hand, then there’s always a chance for victory.

This box includes 6 miniatures: One Loup-Garou with Viral Rifle, one Loup-Garou with Boarding Shotgun, one Apache with Chain Rifle, one Briscard with Marksman Rifle, one Briscard with Heavy Rocket Launcher, and one Moblot with Spitfire AP. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Ariadna forces (REF: 281133-1066) when things go wrong.