How to configure Anaconda

If you want to explore data science and machine learning on Windows, Anaconda is the easiest way to get a running Python distribution with all required packages. You can install additional packages with the conda install command. The problem here is that most packages are available from the conda-forge channel, […]

Internet op vakantie

Internet is tegenwoordig toch een beetje een must voor iedereen, ook op vakantie. Vrijwel alle vakantieparken bieden daarom tegenwoordig ook WiFi aan. Soms gaat dat gepaard met weinig beperkingen, maar vaak moet je betalen of is het beperkt tot vier apparaten. Met vier tablets, twee telefoons, een gameconsole en een […]


When dealing with point clouds, you’ll probably run into the LAS format at some point, as it is the file format most commonly used for point clouds acquired through laser scanning. LAS supports a number of useful (even essential) attributes for each point. Due to being binary, it is quicker […]

How to read input from a file in a batch script

Windows batch scripts are incredibly useful for processing data. You can automate many tasks by a simple batch file. The most common thing that I use is a for loop over all files of a certain file name pattern, often extension: for %%I in (*.laz) do ( do something with […]