Daily Archives: 11 januari 2022

Useful XYZ tiles for QGIS

One of the data types supported by QGIS are XYZ tiles, i.e. tiled image data in a Pseudo-Mercator projection. By default, QGIS only has OpenStreetMap as tile provider. To do so, you right click on XYZ Tiles in the Browser window and choose Add Connection. You need an URL for […]

Settings the QGIS default coordinate system

By default, QGIS asks you which coordinate system to use when a layer that you add does not have a coordinate system mentioned in its metadata. Unfortunately, this is quite often the case, and can become quite annoying. Chances are that you are using the same coordinate system most of […]

Overriding the QGIS default language

By default, QGIS uses your Windows language as language for the user interface. While this might be desirable to some users, this may also cause two issues: Sometimes, the localization isn’t of the best quality, making it difficult to understand what e.g. a function actually means. If you look for […]

How to call C++ DLLs from C#

Most of my code is in C#, but I occasionally encounter functionality that is only available in a C++ DLL. Luckily, it is possible to call C++ DLLs from C#, the main challenge being the difference in data types. It’s usually advisable to build a wrapper around the C++ functionality […]